The Presse Café family is expanding again!

The Presse Café family is expanding again!

Monday, September 17th, 2012 - Many Presse Café will open their doors before the end of the year, others will be launched for 2013, while one branch is revamping itself to celebrate its 10 years. In other words, our teams are keeping busy!

In Quebec

Presse Café clients in Quebec City will have soon their 8th branch to visit . Located at 200, Chemin Ste-Foy, in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (Quebec) building, this Presse Café will have a view on the street and is set to open in the coming days.

In downtown Montreal, a new branch is opening at 625 René-Lévesque West, and another one on Côte-Vertu boulevard, respectively in October and December. At the corner of Jean-Talon and St-Laurent, it's by the end of the year that a brand new Presse Café will see the day.

As for our Presse Café branch in Marché Central, it was announced that it will undergo a major makeover to celebrate its 10th year! 

At last, there is a new destination for Laval residents while in transit with a new Presse Café to open in the Société de Transport de Laval building by the end of October.

In Toronto

Presse Café will set its logo on College St. as of mid-November. This buzzing with life artery and heart of a lively neighbourhood is the dream location for a Presse Café. We promise to bring a wind of freshness amongst the many Italian restaurants and nice independent shops.


In Dakar, the first meeting for the construction works took place recently and if everything goes as planned, our first Senegalese customers will be welcomed into their new Presse Café by mid-November. The place is gorgeous and the neighbours are anxiously awaiting to discover the Presse Café experience. Our franchisees are doing what they can to dazzle them!

Presse Café Dakar.

As for our French cousins, they can celebrate too since three new Presse Café branches will open this Fall, in Bercy, Bercy Village and Ivry. This means that three new projects will bring support to our team in the already existent Presse Café Banque nationale in Paris. Most certainly, they will gladly share their experience with these new colleagues! 

There is no time wasted in Cyprus either! Our teams over there are busy with the opening of two new Presse Café, in Nicosia,, the city that warmly welcomed us in 2010 with our first two branches. This time, we are setting up in Ladras by the end of this week-end, and in Lakatamia, towards mid-November. To top it all, we are already discussing the opening of three other Presse Café branches in 2013.

During this time, in Australia, Presse Café University is added to our list of stores located in the heart of downtown Sydney.

A good vibe for 2013

During his last visit to Dakar, Presse Café's CEO seized the opportunity to prepare the ground for the signature of a first franchise agreement in Libya during the month of September. The locations will be chosen at the beginning of the year for an opening due in the Spring in this emerging yet very promising market.

Closer to home, there is a lot of activity in Ontario and in Eastern Canada, where we foresee an important expansion for Presse Café for next year. In Quebec, the Beauce regions and the Eastern Townships remain the focal point of our Development Department.

Riding High!

With all these projects, it's easy to feel that Presse Café has the wind in his sails. But we are not just alluding to openings...
Soon, we will be writing another article describing the activities amongst our «oldest» franchisees who are still as passionate as they were when they started with us; to talk about all what's cooking in our R&D kitchens and to present the 2013-14 promotions!

Published on 09/18/2012